The history of Immigration in Canada is not a “them” kind of story – immigration is our Bluecon – it’s a story about us. Current Canadians may be a few generations away from their ancestors who migrated here, but we all relocated here from various places around this tiny planet – we have inherent rights and we must extend the same to others – basic respect, dignity and understanding…it’s not “us” against “them”.

We strive to deliver service excellence and an immigration experience that is smooth and as painless as possible – it is our commitment to help you figure out the best, most practical approach to immigrating into the country of your choice. So the questions become: How big and/or important are your Goals/Desires? Is it worth the risk, delays and repeated efforts? Only you can answer that…if you’re uncertain, simply contact us – we’ll give you a free initial consultation in order to determine whether or not we can help you and let you know within 24 hours – we keep things as simple as possible.

Canada needs more people, plain and simple. From the very beginning, Canada looked abroad to supplement shortages in labour – here are some of the old ads they used to get people here: Since then, things haven’t changed all that much:

2014 – Canada welcomed around 265,000 new Permanent Residents (final numbers have yet to be released)

2015 – Canada plans to welcome between 260,000-285,000 new Permanent Residents

There’s no indication that 2016 numbers will not follow suit – we fully expect 2016 numbers to land between 260,000-290,000